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Versus Ponyville

Jul 07 2013 07:28 PM | Raini in VSP

Versus Ponyville
Freak Fortress 2 ... with ponies!

Versus Ponyville, or VSP, is a My Little Pony themed "Juggernaut" Arena Mode exclusive to Ponyville.net's Team Fortress 2 servers. The game mode involves one player being cast as a Boss themed after a pony from the show (with unique stats and abilities) facing an entire team of opposing players. Originally conceived over a year ago by Raini and Dashy as a simple reskin of the VS Saxton Hale mod using pony models, it has been redeveloped exclusively for Ponyville.net by Raini using ONLY Eggman's Freak Fortress 2 mod as a base.

Significant contributions to VSP's development and ongoing maintenance have been made by Friagram, Jug, and Simple; without whom none of this would be possible! Friagram's PoniPoniPoni community has it's own unique version of Freak Fortress 2 with Rages and mechanics far more developed than anything within VSP; so if you enjoy our take on FF2, then please give his community and servers a visit, too!

Updates are made to VSP on a continuous and regular basis by Raini. Read about them here!

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Versus Ponyville - Bosses

Jul 07 2013 07:40 PM | Raini in VSP

Versus Ponyville Bosses

The following is a list of all available Bosses with simplified summaries about their Rages and abilities. I will even go so far in some cases as to provide information about stun flags and timings for charges. The purpose of publishing this information is so that you, the community, can provide constructive feedback as to how you might wish to see these values changed. If you want to get really creative with suggestions about existing or future Bosses, I'd suggest referring to the Official Freak Fortress 2 thread on Allied Modders. All suggestions and critiques should be posted in this thread.

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Versus Ponyville - Weapons

Jul 07 2013 08:10 PM | Raini in VSP

Weapon and Item Balancing

Friagram (PoniPoniPoni) and Jug did a tremendous amount of work introducing item balancing into VSP. The following is a list of all major changes from the default Freak Fortress 2. If you have suggestions, please refer to the Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki on attributes and post in this thread.

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