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#83056 Got called a f@g today :3

Posted by MrKenyon on 03 August 2012 - 02:22 AM

Redneck and hipster dont really go together

"Ah wuz marryin' mah sister b'fore it wuz cool."

#76886 Forum Rules

Posted by 11111 on 05 July 2012 - 07:07 PM

Recently, a pornographic comic has been a hot topic on the forums. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of these rules:

No Piracy
Debates and discussion are tolerated. Posting about how to subvert copyright, or where to obtain pirated material, is not.
No Obscene Content
Do not post or link to material that is obscene, pornographic, or NSFW.

Do not link to this comic or discuss its contents here. This may lead to a warning or a ban depending on the offense. There are people who do not want to see the comic, so please keep it off of this forum.

Thank you.

#106217 Which gender has it better?

Posted by Lord Fluffy on 12 February 2013 - 12:46 AM

i dunno, physical aspects the woman probably has it rougher. getting smacked in the groin probably will happen to guys more times than things like childbirth, but i doubt the combined pain of that matches childbirth. but there are a lot of double standards now a days where woman just have it better than men. i mean, i'm all for equal rights but that simply means exactly that. equal. this picture about sums it up.


Now you can argue about a couple of these. I.E the woman hitting the man, but at this point society things like this way quite a bit. i understand why and all but GEEEEEZ

#104967 Season 3 Finale Speculation (Probable Spoilers Contained)

Posted by Kuni on 29 January 2013 - 06:46 PM

You know what woulda been a better transformation?





#62740 Confess something to another forum member...

Posted by Dollop of Mayo on 12 May 2012 - 08:54 AM

This topic is now a game show called "WHO DOES FLUFFY H8" and I'm your host, Groucho Marx. Hello everyone, and I hope you've been having a pleasant evening because if you haven't, this show isn't going to change things, and if you have, prepare to join the other guys. I'm Groucho Marx, but you probably already knew that, and if you didn't, well, ignorance is bliss. On tonight's show our contestants are evidently every single person on this message board except Fluffy and I'll tell ya : the only thing the studio doesn't have in common with a clown car is the smell of grease paint. If you're just joining us, run. If you insist on staying, don't say we didn't warn you. You're probably beyond help anyway. So then, can we have the next contestant step up and ask Fluffy that special question... "DOES TEH FLUFFY H8 ME?!"

#61042 Confess something to another forum member...

Posted by woodledoodledoodledoodle on 07 May 2012 - 09:30 PM

woodle, you're a fucking asshole, I hate you.

#31098 Pony Pick-up Lines

Posted by Lord Fluffy on 13 February 2012 - 07:40 PM

Are you a story? cause i'd like to look at your plot all day

#133685 Complaints

Posted by Col(gate) on 13 August 2015 - 06:00 PM

Just going to dump all of my complaints about the current status of the VSP servers here because it's to a point where I could care less what happens with anything.


The biggest thing is probably boss and weapon balance. People literally complain about bosses and weapons constantly,  things that are so obviously overpowered (Rainbow Dash) or unnecessary (Laugh crit on Pinkie/Surprise), things get brought up on here, but nothing is ever done. The community is almost completely ignored when it comes to balance, and it's the most frustrating thing giving feedback that doesn't even matter. I don't think hardly any of my suggestions I've made have ever been implemented, even if there were a lot of players agreeing with it, it's just ignored. What's the point of trying?


Another current thing regarding weapons is the fact that the new Gun Mettle skins and Spy's watches still aren't fixed. All the skins still work as TF2 default, and the Invis Watch gives a speed boost (won't block a hit though), and the Dead Ringer is plain out useless. The update came out July 2nd, it's been almost a month and a half, seriously, why is it not fixed?


Last thing about server maintenance would probably be regarding new bosses getting added. I mean, I'm still personally against it, but how long has FnaP been done for? From what I remember, it's been over 6 MONTHS, and it's not added? It's not like the boss was denied to getting added, it just ignored. I just don't understand how it hasn't been added yet, or AT LEAST given a REASON as to why it hasn't been.



Which reminds me, why are we always in the dark when it comes to things? Can we at least get an estimate of when things will get changed, or at least a response regarding something that we deem unbalanced? I don't see a point in trying to get things changed, because nothing is ever touched. This could also relate to the PF2 players wanting a vanilla server. People are getting impatient and don't think it's going to happen, but we aren't getting any responses regarding it. Sure, people have lives, they're busy, everyone is. But, if the people who can actually change things don't have time, why not give others the ability to do so? There are plenty of willing people with the time that would love to balance weapons and bosses, or at least get things added to the server. I just hate trying when I know nothing will actually get done.


Another personal thing that really bothers me is the terrible performance of the servers. Seems to have awful issues with connection (getting hit from 10 ft away from people that have <50 ping), and my FPS is terrible on there. Please, remove the necessary particle effects on weapons and from rages. It' just causes so much frame issues.



Nothing gets changed, the community is completely ignored, and RIP FPS.


Edit: forgot to mention spellbooks. When you have so many complaints about it, constantly, so many people hate them, you'd think that they would get changed or plain out removed.

#37813 Mind = Blown

Posted by Scootsy Wootsy Woona Time on 04 March 2012 - 03:13 PM

Just something I read while browsing ponies:

"When Twilight restored her friends' memories in Return of Harmony, she did so from her letters and from her own perspective. That means they now remember being how Twilight perceived them, not how they actually were. Rarity is more drama-y than ever, Pinkie is more random and extroverted, Rainbow is more conceited, Applejack is more reasonable and truthy than before, and of course Fluttershy is a doormat.

Discord tricked Twilight into mind-raping her best friends, and the best part (from his perspective) is that she doesn't even know she's doing it. That's why he made that silly face just before being statued."

..it makes sense.

#22915 Story of Dallas

Posted by FlipFlopFloop on 17 January 2012 - 10:26 PM

You think that's bad but here's a kicker
About a team that just couldn't be thicker
So sit back, relax, and pull up a chair
And I'll tell you about crockets and demospam all up in my hair

see-tee-eff turbine, I'm camping in base
Got a sentry up shooting scouts in the face
Blockin, an spy checkin, with mah pyro mate
Waiting for the intel - it was running kinda late
When a couple of BLUs
with a demo or two
Started charging into my intel room
I got crit rocket to the feet and my team got mad

I changed to a different class
but when I left spawn
there was a heavy and a medic with their uber on
in my defence I have to say I ariblasted with care

We. Were. down by 2 and they were closing for the kill
but he ubered a scout and we came to be
The failingist team in all history.

#89737 Sound spam

Posted by 11111 on 08 September 2012 - 06:08 PM

If you witness someone spamming sounds using a bug in our sound system, or showing others how to spam sounds this way, please PM me their Steam ID and name. You may face a warning or a ban for doing it yourself. This is against the rules and counts as abusive behavior, not to mention the people doing it know exactly what they are doing so it cannot be done by "accident."

Thank you.

#82630 Ponies are manlier then Vampires!

Posted by Daring on 01 August 2012 - 03:50 AM

Posted Image

#80055 Tensions, Nite Crew, RolePlay, and elitism

Posted by Calzone on 19 July 2012 - 04:56 AM

Read this. It's important, and needs to be discussed. It's messy too, so if you don't understand anything, just ask.

Lately, people have been having a problem with nite crew. People including myself who come into chat around nighttime and talk about pending issues and things we don't usually chat about in the daytime.

Nite crew was created so that we could get away from the RP and hugbox lovey stuff in the day. It was different, and we liked it. This difference in daytime chat and nighttime chat has created a rift of people who do and don't like RolePlay.

There were, have and are people that come in chat and feel excluded from chat because we are "ignoring" them. We will tell them that they aren't contributing, and they get frustrated.

I told them an abridged version of this:

Here's how chat works. People come into the chat, people talk and communicate with each other. They can discuss news, issues, society, RP, pretty much anything that doesn't break the rules. If there are 5 people in chat talking about the news, and a 6th person comes in and talks about something other than the news, odds are good they won't get any replies or responses. this can be frustrating for the 6th person, but it's how it works. People talk about what they want, and people shouldn't be forced to talk about what the 6th person wants to talk about just because the 6th person is feeling excluded.

Now pump this up on a larger scale, and put the 5 people talking and the 6th person on this scale. Let's set this into 2 scenarios. one for Nite crew, and one for the rest of the time in chat.

5 people are talking about a current pending issue. A 6th person comes into chat, and throws bits and bobs of something irrelevant into the conversation IE: RolePlay. The 6th person feels excluded because nobody is talking to him, or her. is this the 5 people's fault, or is it the 6th person's fault?

Now 5 people are Roleplaying in the daytime, having a grand old time. a 6th person comes into chat, and throws bits and bobs of news around, which is still irrelevant. The 6th person feels excluded because nobody is talking to him, or her. Is this the 5 Roleplayer's fault, or is it the 6th person's fault?

In both scenarios, it's the 6th person's fault.

BUT there's one last scenario, which nite crew, including myself has been doing as of recent. We've been telling the 6th person that they're not contributing to the conversation, and that is why we aren't talking to them. On three occasions, I have been the first to tell people this in chat. I phrased it as the quote above. nothing more. The other 4 people in chat agreed, and the 6th person felt ganged up on.

Tell me if i'm wrong, but is it wrong to do what I just did, and tell people that they're not contributing?

I will come in chat in daytime, and people RolePlay, and other things that I don't like. If people are RP'ing, I'll leave because it's not my can of beans.
Why can't other people just do this?

Now to discuss elitism.
Many people now seem to think that Nite crew is an elitist couple of people with a club that's harder to get into than the illuminati. It's not. It's just people who come in chat and talk. This whole illusion of elitism has been blown out of proportion by the whole above business about RP at daytime and nighttime.

Half the time, we joke about Elitsm in the chat, calling eachother casuals and noobs, but all that is pointed at the usual people in nighttime chat, not the bystanders. We aren't ganging up on anyone, or any deal like that.

Are you seeing how all this is tied together?

This is a mess post right now, and I'll edit it as I go along and add more. it's late where I am, and this needs to be discussed. If you've got a concern with nite crew, vocalize it here. We gotta talk about this guys.

#32215 Ponies, Love, and Sexuality

Posted by Cinnamon Groove on 16 February 2012 - 11:13 AM

And back on-topic, a rebuttal...

Your acts, made by choice, give every single member of the fandom a bad name. We who call you our Brothers and Sisters in Ponies suffer harassment and persecution because of you.

See this here opens the doorway for a whole mess of trouble.

Once you change your actions due only to appease popular opinion, and to avoid 'being picked on' , there is no logical stopping point untill you are completely back in the shallow embrace of coolness and the status quo.

For example, bronies get picked on for buying MLP Toys....better stop doing that, everypony.

Some bronies are gay.... stop being gay or bi, guys.

Bronies get picked on for devoting massive amount of time to artistic endeavors.... stop the art, stop the fanfics, stop the pmv's, stop the customs.

Bronies get picked on for love and tolerance..... get jaded again real quick, everypony, and start hating. Start flaming people for their differences.

Lastly Bronies first and foremost get picked on for watching a 'little girls' cartoon show'..... Guess we better pack it in, switch back over to CSI and Pro wrestling,maybe some of that lovely reality tv, after all that is what adult males are supposed to watch, right?

Well at this point, the fandom is dead, but the fans are free from ridicule! Well... except for the ones who are fat, slow, ugly, differently colored, effeminate, overly artistic, emotional, awkward, shy, wear the wrong clothes, or basically show any difference from the rest of modern society...

Point I'm trying to make is haters will hate, no matter what you do. While ponysex may be a bit extreme to some, asking any group to censor its activities to avoid ridicule is the first step toward asking the same group to disband completely. Those who ridicule and persecute always do so from a point of ignorance, and they will not stop untill everyone is just like them, so they can find no differences to persecute. Asking, and more to the point, demanding that ponies change their diryt ways is a mildly sugar-coated version of the hate we get from outside the herd.

Guess these kinds of ponies are the 'enemies from within'...

#22794 Story of Dallas

Posted by HughMann on 17 January 2012 - 09:32 AM

Let a professional show you how its done:

I’ll tell you a story before I go to bed
How I got team switched from BLU to RED
It took only a second just sitting right there
When I took crits from some dumb Russian bear

Cp_well is where it all began
Just spawned with my team and we had a plan
Pick em off, survive, and dive for the cap
Just do all of this and we win in a snap
But the other team had their own plan too
To Kritzkrieg a Heavy to kill all BLUs
I got killed with a crit and the Administrator said:
“Scout, you are now moved from BLU to RED!”

I respawned a bit later with a pounding in my head
I could obviously see that I was not RED
I started to panic in front of the BLUs
“Damnit,” I yelled out, “We’re gonna lose!”

One steamroll later and it was all over
I yelled to all my teammates “This sucks on ice!”
I looked back at my team to see them all dead
And that is how I went from BLU to RED

Posted Image

Come at me bro.

#114978 [Versus Ponyville] Boss Suggestions (Mechanics, Music, Etc.)

Posted by MrKenyon on 19 July 2013 - 02:47 AM

Alright, fine, you bastards force my hand.

Boss Suggestion

Mr. Kenyon


"It's time for another Pony Story BEATING Funtime!"


Ah, crap.  Ponyville's local fanfic reader has gone off the deep end.  Now he's forcing everyone to listen to his horrible versions of pony voices...or die trying to escape.


Mr. Kenyon's playstyle bases itself off two primary factors: His stories, and his immense ego.  After all, no one else has had the balls to make a boss suggestion of themselves, yet.  That's gotta count for something.


Passive: Quiet During the Performance! (tentative)


"Dammit, shut up for a moment and listen to me!"

More like a mini-rage, I suppose.  After certain damage intervals, QDP basically would mute all noises, save for a pre-recorded message of Mr. Kenyon mocking the players' attempts to avoid listening to his story.  Kind of the audio equivalent of Pinkie's screen-covering rage.  I'm no programmer, so I'm not even sure this is feasible, but this, or something like it would be an interesting touch.


Abilities: Teleport


"Hey!  Where the hell do you think you're going?"


Kenyon's no unicorn, but the sheer rage that builds up, knowing people are trying to avoid listening to him allow him to break the rules of physics in short bursts, teleporting behind a random player.


Rage: Storytime!


"Alright, kids, it's time to tell you a little story about Mr. Kenyon, AND HOW HE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE RED TEAM."


Ohhhh, shit.  Now you've done it.  Kenyon's had just about enough of this.  Everyone's going to listen to his story, and they are going to LIKE it, goddammit.


Kenyon and all players teleport to a point on the map.  If possible, it's preferred that the other players are able to be around him in a circle, but out of Kenyon-smacky range.  Kenyon holds still as he reveals the story he plans to read, allowing players a moment to run like hell before he summons characters from the stories in question, who sound oddly similar to himself...


(Basically, summons helper minions of weaker stats (a la Chrysalis,) based on various stories read.)




Allegrezza - Vinyl and Octavia


Cupcakes - Pinkamena


The Day My Beard Turned Into Pinkie Pie - Harvey Grimwold (Biker-styled Heavy with pink All-Father?)


My Little Time Lord - Derpy and the Doctor


For I Am A Jelly God - The Smooze (Not sure how this one would be done, jelly monsters and all that, but I'd LOVE to make voices for them.)


This rage could either be done traditionally, or in a multi stage style like Jug's suggested CMC Revision, with each stage creating more or tougher minions.



All this, plus a customized voice for the boss, like Saxton Hale's original mocking of each of the classes as he beat them to a bloody pulp.  Of course, voice work can always be provided as necessary.

#50677 Gabe Newell? A Brony? More Likely Than You Think

Posted by Cinnamon Groove on 07 April 2012 - 11:30 PM

I just hope he never gets directly involved with the show's production.... or else we'll never see season three..... :raripout:

#106222 Which gender has it better?

Posted by woodledoodledoodledoodle on 12 February 2013 - 12:53 AM

Bodybuilders of both genders look equally disgusting.

#131635 In regards to the Pony Fortress 2 mod and other TF2 related stuff

Posted by Yoxy on 02 July 2015 - 04:30 PM

it's very easy to identify a pony that is a certain class if you have them class locked.. i rather have a pony then a stock merc...



(sorry at all if i was rude at anypoint here)



I'm going to keep things civil and say the main problem with having quad models instead of the mercs is that newcomers will have absolutely no idea which pony is which class from which team, resulting in having frustrated players who will most likely never come back on the server.


As Staryoshi said, TF2 has a cast of very easily recognizable classes you can identify at first sight and instantly know if they are on your team or not based on their color. Using quad models will not only make it hard to know which team everyone is, but also make every class model very similar so unless you exactly know the layout you will have no way of finding what they are until they shoot you.



And seriously Aeth...? It's been less than a week and you ALREADY have to insult someone else because they don't share your point of view...? They were nice enough to host us and pay for an IP chat specifically for us so STOP BEING A SELF ENTITLED ASS FOR ONCE!! :facehoof:

#118168 Is it bad that I'm in love with Rainbow Dash?

Posted by Whatever You Want on 13 October 2013 - 08:56 AM

Yes it's bad. You're literally a horrible person. If you're going to fall in love with a pony, at least fall in love with one of the good ones.

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